Omaha, NE




Mike Nesbit of Mike Nesbit Studio in Los Angeles had dreamed of using large concrete canvases floating throughout a historic structure in downtown Omaha. He wanted to use a 9’x12’ concrete sheet as his canvas.  The art would be displayed on multiple levels of the historic structure with no working electrical or mechanical systems. Enterprise suggested using the 1 ½” thick ultra thin Arcis precast panels with its patented prestressing cables. The cables increase the strength of the panels and minimized cracking potential.  The thin panels were poured off site, transported to the site, and installed through the fire exist doors on the upper floors.  Once inside, the panels were carted to the location near their final position and laid flat on 4×4 wood blocking.  Once the art was installed on the concrete canvas, the panels were light enough that they could be hoisted into position using simple rigging equipment and supported from 3/8” cable loops attached to the existing CIP floors above to create the floating concrete canvas.


Omaha, NE


Mike Nesbit Studio


AIA Omaha – Ross Miller


Courtesy of Mike Nesbit Studio;
© 2017 Taiyo Watanabe
© 2017 Anna Finocchiaro
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