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Kirk Family YMCA Lyric

Kansas City, MO


Kirk Family YMCA Lyric


This historic (but underutilized) Lyric Theatre in downtown Kansas City was transformed into the YMCA’s new downtown location to serve this flouring community. Maintaining the iconic façade on the south elevation on the original 1926 facility was a priority.

Structural precast components were used to build out the footprint of the new building. Structrual gray precast panels were installed on the west elevation and then faced with natural stone to maintain consistency with the original façade.

The newer north and east elevations were designed with a modern façade. This was achieved with 18,106 square feet of white and charcoal colored architectural precast cladding and insulated panels with an acid etch finish. These are highlighted by a distinguishing series protruding architectural precast fins. The contemporary façade is symbolic of how this older era facility will have a new purpose and relevance for many decades to come.


Kansas City, MO


BNIM Architects


JE Dunn Construction


Construction photos by Dirk McClure of Enterprise Precast Concrete