Girl’s Inc.

Omaha, NE


Girl’s Inc.


Repetition is essential when working with precast concrete to maximize the economy of the product.  However, repetition can limit the creativity of the material. Therefore, to create 63 unique 16” thick wall panels in a cost-effective system, collaboration was essential between the designer and the fabricator. The repetition is created by the consistent layout of each flute within the standard 8′ form width. The location, width, depth, and taper of each individual flute remained consistent from panel to panel. Therefore, the single varying element at the fabrication facility was the dimensional length of each flute.  

The result of the exterior design is stunning both day and night.  According to Roberta Wilhelm, director of Girl’s Inc.,  ”In a building with many beautiful elements, I think the fluted concrete is the single most attractive and unique feature of the building. At night, when lit, the exterior concrete is stunning. I imagine that “stunning” is not a word paired often with “concrete,” but it’s true. During the day, the fluting makes the interior concrete seem warm and inviting. When I give tours, people often say, “I want to touch this!” The durable nature of concrete means that hundreds of girls and visitors can touch it without worrying about wear on the building. The concrete is strong and that resonates with us as our mission is to inspire the girls we serve to be ‘strong, smart, and bold.’”


Omaha, NE


AO Group


Lund Ross Constructors


  • 2016 PCI Design Award Winner – Custom Solution
  • 2016 ACI-NE  Award of Excellence
  • 2016 AIA-NE Detail – Merit Award


Tom Kessler Photography/Enterprise Precast Concrete